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Going back to the Microsoft world

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Approximately fifteen years ago or so, I got my first computer.  It was a used IBM PS/2 running MS-DOS 3.3, as I recall.  Three years later and two computers later I had gone through 4DOS, MS-DOS 6.22, Windows 3.11, and Windows 95, and then, having bought a computer for college, installed Linux on it.  I never really looked back; Linux (and college uses of Irix and Solaris) showed me the power that the right operating system can give your computer.  Post-college, I got enamored of OpenBSD, and switched to it mostly entirely.

But now it’s 2011.  I’ve got a different use-pattern—a, dare I say it, more mainstream use pattern.  So I have this new computer, with Windows 7.  And I’m pleased to say it looks like Microsoft has finally gotten around to putting out an OS that doesn’t make me want to gnaw my eyes out.  I even am okay with Internet Explorer 8, and supposedly 9 will be even better.

The only issue I’ve had thus far with Windows 7 is that all Arial text is italicized for some reason.  The part of me that wishes I were a typography weenie also wishes the italics bothered me, but they really don’t. 

And if I do start getting too annoyed, OpenBSD is just an ISO away.


Written by Carson Chittom

February 20, 2011 at 7:01 pm